Tuesday, October 06, 2015

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Auditor-general explains rare ‘qualified’ audit opinion - Oct. 06, 2015

Vern Faulkner Fredericton For the first time in 17 years, the province’s auditor-general has issued a rare “qualified” opinion on the audit of the province’s 2014-15…

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Former RCMP officer charged with assault - Oct. 06, 2015

St. Stephen Retired RCMP Sgt. Larry Burden, former operations NCO of District 1, was charged in St. Stephen Provincial Court this morning with three counts of…

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Goodwill brewing at café - Oct. 02, 2015

Kate Scott St. Stephen Those who have visited Something’s Brewing café on Milltown Blvd. in St. Stephen in recent days have perhaps noticed a corkboard positioned…


Sports News

Referees sought for basketball - Oct. 02, 2015
Rookie-laden Spartans softball team seeks improved play - Sep. 23, 2015


Press Poll

The Federal election is now three weeks into the campaign, with two months to voting day. How do you feel about the length of the campaign?

I like it: it gives me a chance to really come to understand the issues.
I hate it: I'm already fed up with all the political ads, and can't take two more months of this.
I barely notice: it seems like the campaign started two months ago.
Wait, what election?

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