Local expansion investment should lead to additional jobs


St. Stephen – Sarah Hind, manager of the St. Stephen Dollarama, isn’t just happy because of the additional floor space afforded by the recent expansion.

“The renovation has given us more staff hours, which means we can offer more to our part-timers, “ said Hind on Thursday, as she and staff prepared for the store’s grand reveal on Saturday.

”What’s really great about the investment is it shows faith that we’re a growing community,” said Hind.  “And that will ultimately translate into what areas like ours are always looking for, which is more jobs.”  Hind believes that with the increased store size, soon will come positions she’ll be able to offer the community.

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“That’s why I was so behind the idea of expansion – the idea that it will bring new jobs to the area. “

Hind and staff are celebrating the new look of the store with a ‘grand re-opening’ on Saturday, Nov. 18, starting at noon, complete with balloons and cake.

“We’ve had so many positive comments about the expansion, we wanted to invite the community to celebrate with us.”