Campobello committee member meets with government representatives


Campobello – As an island committee continues efforts to reopen the possibility of a year-round ferry for Campobello, chair Brent MacPherson met with government representatives at the end of February.

He said the meeting with New Brunswick Southwest MP Karen Ludwig and Tyler Van Guelpen from the office of Minister of Tourism, Heritage and Culture John Ames took place in St. Stephen, and went very well.

The committee is asking for $10,000 in funding for a feasibility study and a business plan and, if it is received, plan to hire Vaughn McIntyre Consulting for the project.

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“I asked them both what they would like to see in the report so we can give them what they are looking for. Karen said she would like to see the mayor and council on Campobello on board so I am meeting with them and sending a letter.

“She suggested we get a donation, and we have come up with $1000 so now we are asking for $9000 and (Ludwig) said she had a meeting with ACOA, so I assume I will hear back from her.

“There is nothing confirmed yet, but they are aware of what we are asking and what we are looking for. It was just a first meeting to open the lines of communication. John wants to see a business plan.”

MacPherson said he has also reached out to some of the other Charlotte County mayors for their support as well as the mayor of Saint John.

“It is not a lot of money we are asking for and Vaughn needs to know before March 10 so I want an answer before then.”