St. Stephen – Post-season varsity volleyball action has begun.

Regional tournaments will take place around the province Saturday, varsity teams will battle for the coveted berth at the provincial tournament.

The regional tournaments (broken into two pools) will begin with round robin play. Top two finishers in each pool will meet in a crossover game, and winners will advance to the final.

Only the top two teams at each regional tournament will advance to the provincial tournament, to take place the following weekend.

Here’s where Charlotte County teams will be for the one day tournament.


Varsity girls at South West Regional Tournament

Location: Nackawic High School

South standings

St. Stephen Spartans: 5-1

Rothesay Red Hawks: 5-1

Hampton Huskies: 2-4

Fundy Mariners: 0-6

West standings

Nackawic: 12-0

Polyvalente Thomas-Albert: 7-5

Southern Victoria: 6-6

Woodstock: 5-7

St. Stephen Spartans

The St. Stephen Spartans won the southern conference crown with five wins and one loss. The sole loss came at the end of the regular season to the Rothesay Red Hawks. In addition to the regular season record, the Spartans started the season with a tournament win at St. Malachy’s.

The Spartans will head into the one day regional tournament as the No. 1 seed from the south, and will compete in a pool with Polyvalente Thomas-Albert (second in the west), Hampton (third in the south), and Woodstock (fourth in the west).

Coach Tom Hart said the team’s experience led them on the path to success in the regular season, with four seniors and five Grade 11 students.

Looking to the upcoming regional tournament, Hart said the goal is to make it to the crossover game and win, to advance to the provincial tournament (which will take place the following weekend).

“Our goal is to get to provincials this year, if we play the way we do, we have a really good shot at it.

“I think we’ve lost every year in the crossover; this is probably the strongest team we’ve had. My goal is always to make the crossover at regionals, and now it’s to win the crossover. I think we’re good enough to do that.”

Hart said he told the team “there won’t be any easy games,” but said he felt the squad was ready to take-on the post-season.

“This year it seems when they get in tough spots they step up. I know in the past sometimes they’d get in tough spots and kind of lost the last few points, but this year it seems when they get in tough spots they step up. They’re more confident.”

Fundy Mariners

The Fundy Mariners finished the regular season fourth in the south with a 0-6 record.

In the South West Regional Tournament at Nackawic High School, the Mariners are placed in a pool with the host Nackawic (first in the west), as well as Rothesay (second in the south), and Southern Victoria (third in the west).

Senior Abby Kernighan said the season was one of growth for those on the team.

“This year, our varsity girls’ volleyball team has showed a lot of improvement. We were able to keep games competitive, as well as learning and improving along the way.

“We played in tournaments, exhibition games and league games that each came with better results as the season continued. This season has been all about growing. We have grown as players, as a team, and especially as friends.”

Coach Gil Breau agreed with Kernighan, and said “the girls have really put time into trying to improve from last year.”

“I think there’s been improvement on the smaller individual skills as the season progressed that really allowed them to work more as a team, whether it be positioning, passing, or good court awareness.”

The Mariners goal?

“This weekend’s goal is to end on a high note,” said Breau.

“We want to see further improvement individually, and to challenge the teams we face and push to win some games.”

Regional schedule

9 a.m. – Nackawic vs. Fundy

10:15 a.m. – St. Stephen vs. Woodstock

11:30 a.m. – Fundy vs. Rothesay

12:45 p.m. – St. Stephen vs. Hampton

3:15 p.m. – Fundy vs. Southern Victoria

5 p.m. – Crossovers

6:45 p.m. – Finals (winners of 5 p.m. game)

Varsity boys at South West Regional Tournament

Location: Rothesay High School

South standings

Rothesay Red Hawks: 4-0

Hampton Huskies: 2-2

Fundy Mariners: 0-3

West standings

Carleton North Stars: 5-0

Woodstock Thunder: 3-2

Southern Victoria: 1-4

Fundy Mariners

The Fundy Mariners varsity boys’ team will head into regionals as the third seed from the south with a 0-3 record.

As first seed from the south, the Rothesay Red Hawks will host. The Mariners will compete in round robin play in Pool A, along with the Red Hawks, and the Woodstock Thunder (second in the west).

Pool B will see the Carleton North Stars (first in the west) square off with the Hampton Huskies (second in the south), and Southern Victoria Vikings (third in the west).


10:15 a.m. – Fundy vs. Rothesay

11:15 a.m. – Fundy vs. Woodstock

2 p.m. – Crossovers

3:45 p.m. – Finals (winners of 2 p.m. game)


Varsity girls at South West Regional Tournament

Location: Harvey High School

South standings

Harvey Lakers: 12-0

Campobello Vikings: 10-2

Rothesay Netherwood River Hawks: 8-4

Sir James Dunn Academy Algonquins: 4-8

West standings

Hartland: 10-0

École Marie-Gaétane: 8-2

Tobique Valley: 2-4

John Caldwell: 4-6

Campobello Vikings

The Campobello Vikings will head to Harvey for the regional tournament as second from the south with a 10 win and two loss season record. The Vikings’ two losses of the season came at the hands of the Lakers.

The Vikings will compete in pool B for round robin play, along with Hartland, Tobique Valley, and the Algonquins, while Harvey, École Marie-Gaétane, Rothesay Netherwood, and John Caldwell will play in Pool A.

Vikings assistant coach Dorinda Davis (her daughter Rachel is the head coach) credits the success of the regular season to the team’s strong chemistry.

“This is a team that has been together a long time. They started together in middle school and junior, and it’s the same team we had last year, other than one Grade 9 student,” Davis said, and noted the team is comprised of mostly Grade 10 and 11 students, with one Grade 9 student, and one senior.

“They’ve worked together for so long and they work so well together. They’re such a strong, united team,” Davis said, and added the goal for the weekend tournament is for the girls to “do their best.”

Davis said she anticipates Harvey and Hartland (both first in their conference) to be tough competition.

“The pressure is on, and Harvey is an obstacle. We have seen (Hartland); we lost to them in a tournament. They seem to be an obstacle, but our girls held our own against them, I think we can beat them if we work hard.”

To do that, Davis said the girls need to “stay positive.”

Davis said last year was the first year the varsity girls’ team made it to regionals. She said the experience was invaluable, and one that will help in this year’s tournament.

“They know what’s expected of them, how the set up goes, and I think having that experience from last year is a huge bonus; all of the girls were there last year.

“We’re looking forward to it. They need to stay positive, go in with a good attitude and I think they’ll do good.”

Sir James Dunn Academy Algonquins

The Sir James Dunn Academy Algonquins finished the regular season fourth in the south with a 4-8 record. The Algonquins are coached by Heidi Brown and Nicolle Moore.

Brown praised the girls for their team unity, and spoke of their improvements from last season.

“We started our season off way further ahead of where we were last year. The girls were always playing together as team, and they had a great time, and a great season.

“Anytime we did lose, it was pretty close. I said they would be in the running to go to regionals. We were not in last place; we were in fourth place so that was really exciting for them,” Brown said, and noted four seniors – Mia Scalabrin, Amelia Welch, Mackenzie Moore and Jhami-Lee Charles – will be moving on from the team this year.

Brown said heading into regionals, the biggest goal is simply to have fun and “play as well as we can.”

The Algonquins will first meet Hartland (No. 1 seed from the west) at 10:15 Saturday.

“We met them at a tournament at (Rothesay Netherwood School). If the (Algonquins) can hold their own, and receive some really hard serves and make some nice plays, we can do well,” Brown said.

“If they play really well, we’ll be ending the season off on a good note.”

Regional schedule

10:15 a.m. – SJDA vs. Hartland / Campobello vs. Tobique Valley

12:45 p.m. – Campobello vs. SJDA

2 p.m. – Hartland vs. Campobello

3:15 p.m. – Tobique Valley vs. SJDA

5 p.m. – Crossovers

6:45 – Finals (winners of 5 p.m. games)

Varsity boys at South West Regional Tournament

Location: Townsview School in Woodstock (Nackawic hosting)

South standings

Harvey Lakers: 7-1

Samuel-de-Champlain Jaguars: 4-4

Rothesay Netherwood River Hawks: 4-4

Grand Manan Breakers: 3-5

West standings



Tobique Valley

Fredericton Christian Academy

Grand Manan Breakers

The Grand Manan Breakers will travel to Woodstock for the regional tournament (hosted by Nackawic) as the fourth seed from the south, finishing the regular season with a 3-5 record.

Competing in pool A, the Breakers will meet the host Nackawic (first in the west), Samuel-de-Champlain (second in the south), and Tobique Valley (third in the west).

Pool B will see Harvey (first in the south), Hartland (second in the west), Rothesay Netherwood (third in the south), and Fredericton Christian Academy (fourth in the west) battling in round robin play.


9 a.m. – Grand Manan vs. Nackawic

11:30 a.m. – Grand Manan vs. Samuel-de-Champlain

3:15 p.m. – Grand Manan vs. Tobique Valley

5 p.m. – Crossovers

6:45 p.m. – Finals (winners of crossovers)