Charlottte County Hospital Auxiliary

Barb Rayner/Courier Newly elected president of Saint Andrews Chamber of Commerce Brad Henderson (left) is pictured with outgoing president Jeff Holmes at the annual meeting held at Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre.

The meeting of the CC Hospital Auxiliary was held on October 4,2016 at 2Pm, with 12 in attendance.

Tess Comeau, Hospital Facility Manager, gave her monthy report. She shared the exciting news that a colloborative health center will be set up in January 2017. Several rooms, not currently used on a regular basis will be renovated to accommodate the center. She reported that the no smoking rule has been a sucess and and employees have been given, free of charge, aids to assist them in quitting smoking..Thanks was given to Tess and the meeting was called to order.

Facility prayer was read in unison.

Minutes were read and approved with omissions noted.

Treasurers report read and approved, Geraldine Aiken reported that a donation had been received from a person wishing to acknowledge the great care she received while in the Hospital.

Scholarship fund: Barb Purton reported with the receipt of Zachary Grooms thank you letter all the required information has been received from all eight recipients.
Gift Shop: Gilda absent but it was reported that Guardian Drugs donated six packs of chewing aids to those trying to quit the smoking habit. The packs are located in the shop available to anyone with a samll donation to CC Auxiliary.

The subject of needing new members and more volunteers was reiterated . Geraldine Aiken to bring the subject up at the radio telethon.

There was no new business and the meeting was adjourned.