Flood advisory in place for areas of Charlotte County

Barb Rayner/Courier Heavy rains are forecast for Charlotte County on Tuesday. Residents are asked to watch areas where ice dams already exist.

Charlotte County – The regional Emergency Measures coordinator, Brent Whelan, has announced a flood advisory is in place for a number of places in southern New Brunswick including Magaguadavic River and Lake Utopia. Residents are advised to monitor changing conditions in their areas.

Residents are advised to take note of the following safety information:

  • People living or working along streams, tributaries and rivers are asked to be on the alert for ice movement and the possibility of ice-jam formation resulting in rapid water-level increases.
  • A change in weather conditions could lead to localized flooding in areas where drainage systems are blocked by ice and snow.
  • Individuals living or working in areas that are prone to flooding should remain aware and take proper precautions to safeguard their homes and possessions.
  • Because of the deterioration of river ice it is now unsafe to cross waterways on foot, on snowmobiles or on an ATV.
  • Residents should avoid using boats or kayaks on open water as currents are fast, may be carrying debris and the water is cold.
  • Residents are advised to review their personal flood plan and have an emergency kit on hand.