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Donations sought for Christmas bazaar for MES students - Jan. 22, 2014

Kathy Bockus/Courier
Cathy Halstead, community schools coordinator for Milltown Elementary School, is shown here with some of the items donated already for a students’ Christmas Bazaar to be held next December. MES students will get a chance to shop for Christmas presents for their parents and siblings from among the bazaar items.

Kathy Bockus
St. Stephen
It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas.
That’s the sentiment at Milltown Elementary School which is seeking donations to feature in a Christmas Bazaar next December.
The bazaar will allow students to purchase gifts – new or re-gifted items or gently used articles - for their parents, siblings and other members of their family. The students will get to “shop” and pay 25 cents per gift.
“We’re excited; we’ve received donations already,” said Cathy Halstead, the community schools coordinator at MES.
She said the bazaar is geared towards giving the students a sense of pride.
“The kids, probably the week before they go on Christmas vacation, will come to the Christmas Bazaar and buy things for their families,” explained Halstead.
“There will be a wrapping station and volunteers will help them wrap their gifts and write their tags out. We probably will do other things too like cookie decorating or colouring.”
Halstead said the school will also have a “coupon” table at the bazaar.
“Just so it doesn’t all have to be about the money or material things,” she explained. “It could be doing something for the parents, like ‘I’ll watch my little sister or play a game with her’.”
Halstead said now is the ideal time to begin collecting items for next Christmas.
“If somebody has a Christmas gift they’re never going to wear, never going to use and want to get rid of it, they can give it to us. We’ll store it. We’re gathering things for mom, for dad and siblings.
“If you have any Christmas ornaments or decorations, gifts that you are never going to use, or second-hand items that are in good condition (for example - candles, slippers, body lotion, dolls, toys, or jewelry) we are starting to collect items now,” said Halstead.
She said the school also welcomes donations of Christmas wrapping paper and tags.
Halstead said she has borrowed the idea of a Christmas Bazaar after learning about it at a meeting in Saint John.
“They do it in Saint John at some of the inner city schools there. When we go to the community schools meetings, we share our ideas there. They were talking about that.”
Donations for the MES student Christmas Bazaar can be dropped off at the office at MES or if someone has items they would like picked up they can contact Halstead at 466-7362.