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Rink’s readiness for Day of Champions a Fire Marshal matter - Jan. 22, 2014

Vern Faulkner
St. Stephen
The ice surface and surrounding arena at the Garcelon Civic Center will be ready for the day of champions.
On that, both Mayor John Quartermain and site supervisor Carmen D’Intino agree.
The only thing standing in the way is approval from the Fire Marshal to open the doors to the public.
“Carmen doesn’t think there’s any problem getting it ready, but the Fire Marshal has put down some guidelines. We have to meet those guidelines, but we should be able to,” stated Quartermain, following Monday night’s special council meeting.
“It’s up to the Fire Marshal to certify occupancy: that’s the issue,” stated D’Intino.
The Fire Marshall was on site Thursday of last week, and provided some guidance as to what Dora, the general contractor, had to have completed in order to aid the granting of an occupancy permit, D’Intino stated, adding that he does not, at this time, foresee any challenges in obtaining that approval.
“Some areas have to be cordoned off,” Quartermain interjected.
D’Intino stressed that the only thing Dora can do is do as much as possible to meet the Fire Marshal’s conditions for granting occupancy: the occupancy permit decision itself lies with the Fire Marshal.
“All I can do is tell you we’ll do our very best to make sure we make it happen.”
A council report stating the site was closed down for two weeks over Christmas was not, in fact, accurate, D’Intino noted, stating crews had been onsite through the end of December,.
On Monday evening, council authorized the amendment of the existing design-build contract agreement to stipulate exp Service Ltd. as the oversight assessor for the project, authorized the payment to Dora Construction Limited the lesser of $732,590.39 or the sum deemed by exp. Services Limited as the value of work claimed for the month of October. Also approved was a telecommunications agreement, whereby the town will pay Bell Aliant a one-time capital cost of $127,484.07 for providing communications and audiovisual equipment, along with an agreement to pay $1,861.68 in annual service costs and $524.47 per month in recurring voice services charges.
The Town also agreed to a two-year contract for TV and Internet services with Bell Aliant.