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local kindness funds eye surgery for stray dog - Feb. 11, 2014

Kathy Bockus/Courier
Connie Cliffe, a shelter attendant at the Charlotte County SPCA animal shelter in St. Stephen, accepts a kiss from Cherry, a lab mix who is having eye surgery this month thanks to successful fundraising efforts.

Kathy Bockus
St. Stephen
Thanks to donations and fundraising efforts, Cherry the Lab-mix dog is going to have surgery to fix her right eye later this month.
The four-and-a-half year old canine, who has been living at the Charlotte County SPCA animal shelter in St. Stephen since July 1 of last year when she was picked up as a stray, has a ruptured tear duct.
“The tear duct has burst out from underneath the (lower) eye lid,” explained shelter manager Sharon Edgington.
“It was stitched back in when she had her spay surgery. Normally they can just be poked back in and two little stitches and it will just heal over and stay in there.
“If they’re very energetic sometimes they can actually burst the stitches, which it did with her. I think it was probably three or four weeks later.”
Volunteers and staff went into fundraising mode to pay for the specialized surgery, scheduled now for Feb. 25 with a veterinarian in Riverview.
CCSPCA board member Gail Flaherty said $1,000 was raised to put towards Cherry’s surgery.
“That should cover the cost,” stated Flaherty.
Cherry is available for adoption any time and if she finds her forever home before the surgery, it can still proceed on that February date, said Flaherty.
Both Edgington and Flaherty said CCSPCA is always raising money.
“We always have animals in our care that require extra medical attention or special food, things that are a little more expensive. Fundraising helps us offset those expenses,” explained Flaherty.
The latest fundraiser for the group will be the Cupcake Campaign Feb. 24 to March 2. National Cupcake Day is Feb. 24.
Flaherty said this is the second year for the campaign, a fundraising effort in which both young and old can participate.
“Kids can make cupcakes, and sell them to their neighbours. Adults can make cupcakes and sell them to co-workers. Bake, decorate and sell them. Anybody can participate.
“It’s a fun fundraiser,” said Flaherty.