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Photography club holds first meeting Thursday - Feb. 19, 2014

Kathy Bockus
St. Stephen
The inaugural meeting of a fledgling photography club will take place this Thursday, Feb. 20, at 7 p.m. in the community room at Humphreys’ Funeral Home.
There’s an open invitation to anyone to become a member.
“We hope people will embrace this opportunity to connect with others in the community who want to explore the creative pursuit of photography,” said Norah Heelis, one of the core group of 12-15 people who have expressed interest in forming a club.
“We are very pleased to be getting it going and are looking forward to meeting fellow enthusiasts.”
Heelis said the idea behind the club is “to share photographs, learn more about taking better and different types of photographs, enjoy presentations by other photographers and learning from others’ technical and creative endeavours in this wonderful hobby.”
Heelis promised to follow up on her friend Winnifred Young’s idea for the photography club when she filled out an action card commitment at a World Café Rural Redefined Community Development Strategy meeting last fall in St. Stephen.
Participants were asked to think smart, set goals that were specific, measureable, attainable, realistic and timely and fill out an action card with their idea and a promise to follow through.
Norah Heelis thought that meeting was wonderful and was impressed by the positive energy in the room, saying it gave people a chance to talk with one another and discuss issues and ideas, participating instead of just sitting and listening to a speaker.
A survey has been circulated to those who initially expressed interest to Heelis and Young in creating a photography club. The survey identified some themes and ideas for the club including field trips, and hosting speakers on technical aspects of digital photography to enable participants to learn how to take better portraits, wildlife photos, close ups and actions shots.
“We also plan to offer hands on sessions using photo shop or other editing software,” said Heelis.
She said the club’s founding group of members has a widely diverse level of expertise.
“I just bought my first ‘real’ camera last year. Some have been using very simple point-and-shoot cameras and one prospective member has only taken pictures using her phone,” said Heelis.
“We also have photographers with high-level equipment and many years of experience and a great deal of technical expertise.
“Where someone is on this spectrum doesn’t matter. We are just coming together with a common love of the art of photography and a desire to learn and share. So, all ages and levels of experience with photography are welcome. “
Heelis said the first meeting will allow those attending input into the direction the club’s first season will take. Ideas the core group already has will provide the basis of programs for March.
Heelis said the group is not overly concerned about formalizing a structure for running the club so no one needs to worry about being pressed into leadership roles.
“We plan to keep everything pretty informal.”
Those who wish to attend Thursday’s meeting are directed to park at the rear of the funeral home at the corner of Marks Street and Union Street, use the rear entrance and follow the signs to the community room.