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Grand Manan Adventure should be back in service by Thursday - Mar. 12, 2014

Barb Rayner
Grand Manan
The Grand Manan Adventure is expected to be back in service by Thursday, says the general manager of Coastal Transport Gregg Ryder.
The vessel was taken out of service March 3 because of problems with the turbocharger and the Grand Manan V, which was tied up for the winter, was brought back into service late in the day March 4.
Ryder said the turbocharger was repaired over the weekend and it was hoped to have the Adventure back in service by Monday or Tuesday but it was decided to keep it out of service for another couple of days to fix a problem with the lube oil cooler.
“The parts are supposed to arrive in Calais today then we will get it to the ship and work through the night and hope it will be back in regular service by Thursday,” Ryder said Tuesday morning.
“In the meantime the Grand Manan V will make all the scheduled crossings. Traffic has not been a problem,” he added
“One of the things about this ferry is that a lot of the parts are sourced in North America whereas with the Grand Manan V we had to buy lots of the parts out of Europe.”