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Strife at service commission - Apr. 10, 2014

Kathy Bockus
Lawrence Station
The Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission may have lost a member.
Winston Gamblin, mayor of the Village of Harvey, told his fellow members Tuesday night he was going to investigate a transfer to the Regional Service Commission servicing the Fredericton area because he was tired of the bickering at this committeeís meetings.
ďI canít justify driving here and listening to this petty stuff all the time,Ē an angry Gamblin told the members around the table at the landfill headquarters at Hemlock Knoll where the meeting took place. ďItís just ridiculous. Itís a waste of time. Iím fed up with it.Ē
Gamblin said when members of his village council ask what happens at the service commission meetings, ďI say, well, itís complaining about the wrong word here or the right word here.Ē
Gamblinís comments were in the wake of a three-and-a-half hour meeting full of discord, name-calling and angry outburst. It took an hour and a half just to pass the minutes of the groupís last meeting after two members called to task a third member on a procedural issue dealing with the legality of the commissionís bylaws. That third member, Saint Andrews Mayor Stan Choptiany, walked out of the meeting. Contacted for comment the next day, Choptiany said, ďIím not going to comment.Ē
Asked by co-chair Dan Dow whether something said to Dow at the last meeting was ďfair,Ē Gamblin responded with annoyance that the meeting had been pretty well bickering all evening.
ďFirst itís north and south, then itís McAdam and Harvey against Charlotte County, the mayors against the LSDs. Thatís all itís been ever since Iíve been here.
ďThereís a hate on for the landfill, thereís a hate on for the executive director; theyíre trying to ruin everything. Itís just ridiculous: I just donít understand it.Ē