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Shelves low again at St. George and area food bank - Apr. 17, 2014

Barb Rayner
St. George
People continue to struggle to pay high winter electricity bills and it is having an effect on the usage of the St. George and area food bank.
“Our shelves are down a lot. We have very large numbers of families using the food bank. It is really no different than it was in January or February.
“People are still struggling with their hydro bills and they are not necessarily getting their full amount that they are allowed to take because it is just not here,” said food bank coordinator Sarah Norman. She said 95 families used the food bank in March and, out of those, she saw 22 come back a second time because in the winter months a second visit is permitted.
“April should not technically be within that winter group. Friday was very busy and Monday was very busy. We had one lady who came in after hours and there was very little left.”
She explained that a single person is permitted 35 lbs of food and it is up to them what they chose from the shelves. A family unit of more than two people is allowed up to 60 lbs and, when there are children, they are also given milk, eggs and bread.
“We need all the basics – vegetables, fruit, cereals, juice, beans, spaghetti sauce. We are seeing a lot of need for the basics and I think, with Easter coming up families like to have a bit of a special meal but we don’t have the capability for that right now.
“We did have an individual who brought in Easter treats. That has been very nice and families have been very grateful for that little extra.”