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Ferry sidelined for another week - Apr. 23, 2014

Transportation: New part for Grand Manan Adventure expected this week
Barb Rayner
Grand Manan
A new turbocharger for the Grand Manan Adventure is expected to arrive this week from Illinois.
The vessel was taken off its run the evening of April 4 due to problems with the turbocharger – less than four weeks after it had gone back into service - and the back-up vessel, the Grand Manan V, has been providing ferry service to the island.
Gregg Ryder, general manager of Coastal Transport, said Tuesday that it is anticipated the new turbocharger will arrive this week but it will probably be the end of the month before the Adventure is back on its run as it will take several days to install the new part.
“As it gets closer, we will be able to fine tune the time when it will be back in service,” he said noting that the Grand Manan V is able to cope with the traffic.
The Adventure also experienced turbocharger problems March 3 and the Grand Manan V, which was tied up for the winter, was brought back into service.
The Grand Manan V is not due back into regular service until the summer schedule beings in the last week in June. It is scheduled to go to refit in mid-May so it is hoped to have both vessels running okay by then. If not, the refit will be postponed until the fall.