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No burning within St. Stephen town limits - May. 02, 2014

Kathy Bockus
St. Stephen
The burning of brush or leaves is not permitted within the town of St. Stephen.
The burning of grass between Jan. 1 and May 31 and the use of backyard fireplaces, which both need permits, is allowed. In the case of the fireplace, there first must be an inspection by members of the fire department, said Fire Chief Jeff Richardson.
Coun. Marg Harding brought up the subject of burning within town limits at a council committee meeting last week.
She told the chief that on a very windy day earlier this month someone was burning brush behind her home as well as up the street from her and asked if this was allowed. Harding said she lost her home once to fire and didnít want to again.
Coun. Jim Maxwell also had questions for the chief about the departmentís response last month to a fire at the mill in Baileyville, Me., saying it was the first time he could recall seeing the department responding that far out of town.
Richardson said he can only remember one other time local firefighters were sent on a mutual aid call to Baileyville. He said the whole department didnít respond to this recent call, just a crew of eight. The Calais Fire Department was very short on manpower for that fire and had specifically requested firefighter Allie Nordstrom, who works at Flakeboard Company Limited, because of his expertise with large buildings and that type of industrial setting.
ďAllie turned things around there for them, because there was no structure to what they were doing at all.Ē
Richardson also told council he attended a training exercise in Baileyville April 16 dealing with a possible breach at the Grand Falls Dam and had gained ďa lot of good information,Ē some of which was used earlier that same meeting day when rains flooded areas of the town.
He said the water flow in the St. Croix River flows, which normally registers about 6,000 cubic feet per second on that day was approximately 17,000 cubic feet per second.