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Saint Andrews seeking volunteers for community heritage committee - May. 20, 2014

Barb Rayner
Saint Andrews
Saint Andrews is forming a community heritage committee and is seeking two members-at-large to help develop recommendations to address long term heritage conservation objectives.
Mayor Stan Choptiany said invitations have been sent to the Chamber of Commerce, BIA, Civic Trust, Tree Committee, Charlotte County Archives and the Ross Memorial Museum and these groups have responded. Now the town is looking for two members-at-large who are not affiliated with any of these groups.
“If you are a town resident, open-minded to diverse community interests and willing to commit to committee involvement over the next six months, we invite you to apply by May 23. Details and an application form are available at the town hall and on the town website.”
The committee will develop concepts and proposals to address the heritage goals of the town’s municipal plan with a view to both the past and the future.
Its mandate is to support the work of council by reviewing the town’s heritage policies and proposals contained in the municipal plan as well as those components of the zoning bylaw which relate to heritage then make recommendations to council.
The committee will liaise with other heritage organizations and recommend amendments to heritage policies, procedures or bylaws as well as recommend to council the specific utilisation of the money identified in the annual budget as “economic development heritage initiative.”
The committee is expected to submit its recommendations by October, at which time council will review this input and consider future steps. It will set its own operational guidelines and will receive town funding to meet its needs.
Committee members are expected to attend regular meetings and complete the assignments that they are set over the coming months. They are expected to work collaboratively to identify long term, collective solutions to the town’s needs, not advocate for specific interests.