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Roll plays role in park maintenance - Jun. 11, 2014

Chris Roberts/Courier
Virginia Kromkamp, Saint Andrews mayor Stan Choptiany and Pat Scouten help fill a 70-foot long lobster roll during Saturday’s Water Street Bazaar. It was the second annual Lobster roll-a-Palooza.

Chris Roberts
Saint Andrews
For the second year in a row, an excessively long lobster sandwich was portioned off and sold downtown in Saint Andrews.
Lobster Roll-A-Palooza began just prior to 11 a.m., with volunteers helping to dress the 23-metre (70-foot) sandwich with lettuce and the lobster mix. For $15, people were able to purchase four inches of the sandwich, as well as a bag of chips and a drink. All proceeds went toward the Saint Andrews Community Playground.
By 11:30 a.m., the better half of the sandwich was gone.
“It’s a quick event, it’s great, and people seem to like it,” said Isabelle Michaud, the chair for the Community Playground Restoration Fundraising Committee.
Last year’s Lobster Roll-A-Palooza helped the committee raise more than $2,800 for the playground, while, in total, they raised upwards of $200,000 throughout the year.
The sandwich was just 21.3 metres (64 feet) long last year, and with the increase in length and the fact that everything is contributed by local businesses, this year’s sandwich should have been able to create $3,150 for the playground.
With restorations complete last September, the money raised this year is simply for park upkeep.
“We’re trying to make sure that we get a maintenance fund to maintain its glory right now,” said Michaud.