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Town got a late start collecting residents’ leaves, branches - Jun. 11, 2014

Kathy Bockus
St. Stephen
Have patience. The town of St. Stephen will get to its residents’ bags of leaves and brush.
Lee Johnson, St. Stephen’s director of operations and acting town manager, said he’s aware residents are wondering when their leaves and brush will be collected but said town crews are working as quickly as they can.
“We’re working on it. We’re way behind, but we will pick it up,” Johnson admitted, explaining crews got a late start on the annual chore because of the lengthy stretches of inclement weather in the early spring.
He noted that in years past the clean up and pick up has started as early as March and April, but only when the weather cooperated.
Street cleaning is another concern of residents.
Johnson acknowledged that has been going slowly as well because of the increased amount of sand town crews had to spread on ice slick roads in the municipality during the harsh and seemingly never-ending winter months.
Johnson said residents could help make the brush pick up job easier for town crews by making sure the twigs and small branches “are bundled and put out in a way that is easily handled by one person.”
The debris collected is being taken to an old pit on town-owned property in Mohannes. It is not being chipped or made into mulch, said Johnson.
“Chipping is something we’d like to look at but that would be a discussion for council,” said Johnson. “More and more people are asking for mulch, but other than the Christmas tree mulch, we don’t have a lot any more.”