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No final decision on elimination of ferry tolls - Jun. 20, 2014

Barb Rayner
Grand Manan
Premier David Alward says the province has not come to a final decision on the promise made leading up to the last provincial election to eliminate the tolls on the Grand Manan ferry.
Speaking following the official reopening of the Algonquin in Saint Andrews Wednesday he said, “I guess we haven’t come to a final decision on it. There hadn’t been a clean mandate or majority from the community in terms of the support on that.
“If we look at the ferry when it was built, it was built with a lot more capacity than was really needed and so we looked at changing some of the runs so what the community said at the time is, ‘why don’t you look at keeping the runs going the way it is because we believe it’s important to the economy of the island and also to the movement of people?’
“So that’s where we’ve been at. We thought that was the most important priority at the time so that’s where we have focused. We haven’t made a final decision where we’re going to land on the other part.”
The government has, on several occasions, pledged to remove tolls by the end of its mandate. During the May, 2012, municipal elections the island held a plebiscite on the matter: 52 per cent of those voting supported removing tolls.