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Benjamin and the Chocolate Factory - Jul. 02, 2014

Chris Roberts/Courier
From left, Alexandra, Matthew, Greg and Sanda d’Entremont, pose with their son Ben, who received the Ganong golden ticket, earning him and his family a tour of the factory last week.

Chris Roberts
St. Stephen
There were no oompa loompas or zany factory managers, but Benjamin d’Entremont got to experience being a kid in a chocolate factory last week.
Benjamin, 11, won the “golden ticket” for the Chocolate Fantasy Adventure Draw, earning himself and his family a two-day tour around St. Stephen, which culminated in a tour of the Ganong factory.
The family visited the Ganong Chocolatier, received a tour of the Chocolate Museum, supped at Pizza Delight, and visited Ganong Nature Park.
But, prior to entering the Ganong factory, Benjamin was fairly certain of what his best memory was going to be.
“I’m expecting this to be my favourite part,” he said, confidently.
“I loved the museum, I loved the nature park … and we got a bunch of free chocolate, so that was nice.”
The family, who hail from Quispamsis, had bought three tickets for the draw in St. George, but time had passed without hearing if they had won or not.
Donna, Benjamin’s mother, said she was surprised when Sarah Goulding, manager/director of the Chocolate Museum, called looking for her son.
“I thought he won a colouring contest or something and I had totally forgotten that we had purchased the tickets. It was lovely,” she explained.
The family has been to St. Stephen on numerous occasions, but had never explored to the extent they did during the two-day tour. They’ve often visited during Chocolate Fest.
Now, with his newfound knowledge of the history of the town, Benjamin has began thinking of choosing Ganong Bros. as his subject for a heritage fair project at his school next year.