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St. Stephen Sears store closing - Aug. 08, 2014

Kathy Bockus
St. Stephen
After nine years of operating the Sears home store in St. Stephen, Susan and Carl Hovey have decided to call it a day.
The store will close Aug. 26.
It was a tough decision to make, said Susan Hovey.
She stressed the couple was not closing because of any business issues. Weve been here nine years and we want a vacation, she said with a smile.
Its time for Carl and I to do a new adventure; start a different path in life. Maybe even go out to supper together, Hovey said with a laugh.
Hovey said anyone in St. Stephen ordering through the Sears catalogue can expect to have their items delivered for pickup to St. George.
But hopefully that situation will change soon.
Susan and her husband confirmed Sears is looking for a franchisee to open a new Sears outlet in St. Stephen.
The Hoveys said they own the large warehouse building which housed their Sears store and said it has been rented to a local automotive parts company.