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Speaker will talk about aquaculture for poverty alleviation - Dec. 06, 2012

Saint Andrews
There will be a presentation on “Aquaculture for Poverty Alleviation in Sub-Saharan Africa” by Peter Corey of Scotian Halibut Ltd of Woods Harbour, Nova Scotia at the community college Friday afternoon starting at 3 p.m.
Aquaculture makes a substantial contribution to household and community livelihoods through improved food security and income generation in developing countries and regions.
Where conditions are suitable, subsistence and commercial scale aquaculture enterprises can address poverty issues of rural populations, in particular.
Aquaculture was introduced to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the mid-1900s and became a prominent development tool by the 1980s with the construction of thousands of ponds.
Unfortunately, civil war led to the departure of international aid organizations in the late 1990s. On their return from 2002 on, aquaculture has not received the same level of attention.
Fish for Hope is a personal initiative of Corey’s which emerged from an exploratory visit to subsistence fish farms in the remote northwest region of the Congo in 2008.
This visit and others have led to the implementation of an aquaculture support project in that same region. Partnering with World Hope Canada, Fish for Hope will fully fund a regional aquaculture coordinator to carry out extension services and coordinate 12 aquaculture training seminars over two years.
A total of 600 fish farmers will attend these seminars to receive updated information on small-scale fish farming practices and each participant will be provided a subsidy in the form of tools to be used in fish farm improvement and construction.
One vision of Fish for Hope is that through the endorsement and support of aquaculture stakeholders it would be identified with the Atlantic Canadian aquaculture industry as a characteristic of the sector’s commitment to globally responsible aquaculture.