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Service commission pushes for in-school ATV training for kids - Dec. 03, 2013

Kathy Bockus
St. Stephen
Members of the Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission have unanimously endorsed a motion to ask the province to introduce an off-road vehicle training program into New Brunswick schools.
Speaking on behalf of the SNBSC’s community policing committee, Garry Christie, LSD St. Patrick, said the committee has noted “there are a lot of problems in the area” with all terrain vehicle (ATV) usage.
“And the problem comes down, not to the kids,” said Christie. “It’s the parents.”
“They’re not making sure of what their kids are doing. They’re putting them on the machines and sending them out the door. It’s up to concerned citizens and the policing departments to try and do something about this.”
Christie said for years he was an ATV safety compliance instructor with the national safety board and a member of an ATV federation. He said there are programs available for members and non-members which allows children to benefit from training on proper ATV safety.
“They’re not taking advantage of this,” said Christie, noting, “You can’t force it down their throats.”
He said the policing committee has asked that the board take the lead in the province by endorsing this motion.
“In addition it would endorse this commission taking the lead to get all the commissions to support this request and to do so as a group in order to provide the greatest leverage for the possibility of success,” said Christie.
“So what we are saying is let this board take the initiative to put this in motion all over the province to get this program into the schools.
“If we can start getting these children trained at a young age maybe we’ll live long enough to see it successful.”