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Doucet calling for support of injured veterans - Dec. 10, 2013

St. George
Charlotte-The Isles MLA Rick Doucet has introduced a motion into the Legislature calling for support of injured veterans.
The motion, which was seconded by Liberal MLA Chris Collins, calls on the province to urge the federal government to make provision for armed forces personnel injured in the line of duty to be allowed to remain in the service for their full 10 years to qualify for their pensions.
“My intention is not only to have this debated in New Brunswick, but in all Legislatures across Canada. Many men and women in the Canadian Armed Forces have put themselves in harm’s way while serving our country. They deserve better than to be treated in this manner.”
Current policy requires armed forces personnel to be ready to be deployed overseas for the 10 years of their service to qualify for a pension.
It has recently become known that some veterans, who have been injured in the line of duty, have been dismissed from service just short of the 10 years which makes them ineligible to qualify for their pension.