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McAdam, St. Stephen, move forward - Dec. 10, 2013

Vern Faulkner
One of the “to-do” items emerging from a spring town hall meeting and brainstorming session in McAdam was a plan to better welcome newcomers.
With the formation last month of a formal welcoming committee, the village now has the means to do so.
Spearheaded by Gloria Adams, the group – Adams, Alberta Smith, Wille Hunter, Debbie Martin and Maxine Horncastle are ready to welcome any newcomer who moves into the village.
“If somebody moved in, we could be there within the week,” Adams stated.
Currently, the village itself sends a welcome message, triggered either by a new water service connection request, or a registration of a transfer of land title. But that message of welcome needed more, the members of the McAdam Action Group decided, hence the formation of the welcoming committee.
A key part of the package, along with gift certificates and other items from participating merchants, will be an updated index of local services from area doctors and dentists, to contractors and suppliers of cordwood.
That, said Adams, will be a much-appreciated item for any incoming resident.
“I’ve had Welcome Wagon, several times, because we were military,” she said. Often, such moves sent her packing to destinations where the only connection, if any, were a few military personnel. Having a formal greeting to a new community was a huge benefit, Adams explained.
“I’m following on that – they would mostly come with information, and a welcome to the area.”
Adams credited Coun. Doug Goss for assembling the data on local services on his own time.
If there is a service or need not listed in the guide created by Goss, the pair greeting the newcomers will serve as a point of first contact to help link a new resident with the service or agency required, Adams staid.
The efforts to greet newcomers will be a small step towards helping McAdam entice and retain new residents, Adams said.
“I think they would feel more welcome.”
Anyone wishing to assist Adams and the rest of the group, or anyone who has questions, can call Adams at 784-2789.

Freecycle group established
St. Stephen
A new way of exchanging unwanted items has been put in place to serve Southwest New Brunswick.
Spurred by the input from several town hall meetings in the region, calling for pushes to recycle and connect people in need with items they may desire, the freecycle group is an email list that allows those giving items away with a potential market. The service is free, and available by searching “Charlotte County” at

Events calendar put in place
St. Stephen
An often-cited item raised in St. Stephen area “Rural Redefined” brainstorming sessions was a need for a local events calendar. Seizing on that need, area resident Abby Pond has created an events calendar service, which is now operational.
Found at, the service is not intended to be entirely St. Stephen based, and forthcoming listings include details for events in Saint Andrews and the region as well.
“It’s for the entire Charlotte County region,” stated Pond.
Events are listed by category – such as bake sales or concerts, or by town, to allow people to search for things within their immediate area, as desired.
Pond, who moved to the region earlier this year, said she often heard of events after the fact, in part because her social connections had not yet developed.
“It was always frustrating for me, because I didn’t have that word-of-mouth network.”
Launched a few weeks ago, the response, said Pond, has been positive.
“I’ve had really great response from people, saying ‘Oh, finally, that’s exactly what we’ve been needing.’"