Historic buildings and businesses opening doors for a behind the scenes look


St. Stephen – Have you ever wanted to take a peek inside some of the historical buildings in St. Stephen? Well, you can have your chance to do just that on Saturday, September 28 from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. for the second annual Doors Open St. Stephen event. Organizer Sarah Conley said this is an event that takes place all across North America and Europe, and she decided last year to bring it to St. Stephen. She said there are other events in Fredericton, Saint John, and in Halifax.

“It’s an event we brought to St. Stephen so building owners and organizations can open their doors for the day,” said Conley. “This gives people behind the scenes tours, to show off what they do best and to look at interesting aspects of the buildings.”

Conley said there are two main focuses of this event: to focus on organizations and what happens behind the scenes, and to highlight the architecture and history of the buildings. Some of the buildings you can visit include Lonicera Hall, which was very popular during last year’s Doors Open event, the Chocolate Museum, the St. Stephen Airport, St. Stephen’s University, the Milltown Generating Station, and Valley Run Horse Centre. Conley said she would like to thank everyone who takes part in this event, and the sponsors, the Charlotte Coastal Region Tourism Association (CCRTA) and the St. Stephen/Milltown Rotary Club.

“This is the second year we’ve done it here,” said Conley. “We had about 400 people participate, and we got really good feedback. We’re hoping to have even more people out this year. It’s the kind of event that if you go one year, you might choose to visit three sites. Then, you can go to sites you didn’t see the next year. It’s something you can do for three to four years, and there’s something different to see every year.”

There is no charge to take part in Doors Open St. Stephen, so this is a great chance to see what goes on in certain local businesses, and be able to tour historical buildings. Organizers are looking for a total of 15 buildings for people to tour, and Conley said they have 12 confirmed at the moment. If you are interested in having your building or organization as part of this event, you can contact Conley at 321-1250.