IODE Heritage November Meeting


The IODE Heritage November meeting was held at the River Room with Liz Juneau as hostess. President Maria Kulcher extended a warm welcome to the seventeen members in attendance and shared some food for thought.  Meeting opened with Prayer and Salutation to the Flags. First order of business Membership Officer Yvette Sawyer presented Patty Anderson with her ten-year pin and thanked her for her dedicated service. Birthdays this month for Shande and Patty. The minutes of the October meeting were read and approved.

Correspondence: Maria sent a letter of thanks to Exit Realty for the Born to Read donation in memory of Pam MacRae. Treasurer Janet Emerson gave her report and moved that all our outstanding budgeted items for National, Provincial and Primary funds be paid. Carried.

Flower Fund report given and collection taken by Jenny Orchard. It was agreed to make a donation from the Flower Fund to purchase some necessary items for the River Room Kitchen.  Liz to do the shopping.  Standard Bearer Allissa Gilmore reported flags present at the last meeting. Allissa will have our flags at the Milltown Cenotaph Remembrance Day Service with Paddy Huizinga as her Assistant. Betty Moulton will lay the IODE Heritage Wreath. Maria thanked Betty for representing our Chapter   as she had duties at the St Stephen Ceremony as a moderator for the CHCO Cable TV.

Continuing in the Remembrance mode Maria had delivered the Provincial Remembrance Day package to our two assisted schools. In the package was “Remember Me”, a poem written by Provincial Education Secretary Lynda Coffey. Lisa McAllen and Cecille Ruddock read this very moving poem to us and listening was a very emotional experience for all. Discussion followed on the incredible job done by the Legion with the banners honouring our Veterans. Citizenship Officer Shande Kegan reported 1900 Volunteer Hours. Under Education: The new Principal of Lawrence Station Elementary School is Pamela Burtt and we look forward to meeting her. Services Officer Chelsa Doherty reported an accumulated value of $3841.00 donated.

Citizenship Officer Shande Kegan reported volunteer hours total of 2289 to date. Membership Officer Yvette Sawyer urged us all to invite like minded individuals to have tea/coffee to talk about the work we do and invite them to visit. Communications reported the write up in the Courier and reported on the Global TV spot featuring “Twiddlemuffs” project done by the Katie Hazen McKay Chapter in Saint John and the huge response.
Christmas meeting, we will bring $10.00 for a local charity in lieu of gifts for each other. As we celebrate we will share our best IODE memories so we may appreciate what this great organization has meant in our lives.

Meeting closed by repeating God Bless Our Queen and Canada.
Eating delicious food seems to bring out the best in all of us and that became very evident in the conversation and fellowship which followed.