Local companies need rail link

Edited from the Saint Croix Courier Week of Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1988

Manufacturing almost anything in an extreme eastern location means transportation costs are going to figure largely in a company’s ability to compete in the marketplace. That’s why companies here like Flakeboard, Ganong’s and the Star-Kist tuna plant, can demonstrate having the option to use rail to link up to central and western markets is important for their future and for the economic future of this area. These companies could likely be counted on to oppose any abandonment of the CPR railway lines here. The deregulation bill, Bill C-18, passed by Parliament in August, would make it more difficult for Canada’s two national railway companies’ freight rates to compete with trucking firms. A report by the Atlantic Provinces Transportation Commission says the bill will also make it easier for the rail companies to succeed in applications to abandon rail lines.

Delay in high school reorganization not a surprise

Education Minister Shirley Dysart’s recent announcement of a one-year delay in the implementation of high school reorganization in the province came as no surprise to school board officials and principals in Charlotte County. There are five high schools in the county, and each is at a different stage in implementing reorganization. Basically, reorganization calls for bringing in a 21-credit system to all high schools in the province, and reducing class hours from about 150 to 120 for each subject per year. Most high schools now use an 18-credit college preparatory which applies to grades 10, 11 and 12.

Threat of asphalt plant spurs formation of local service district

OAK BAY – The possibility of an asphalt plant being built at the intersection of the Strang Road and Hwy. 1 here has provided the impetus for the Parish of St. David to form its own local service district. Doug Henderson, municipal services representative for Charlotte County, says the required 25 signatures have been collected and forwarded to Fredericton to begin the process of forming an advisory committee for the LSD. The petition was circulated last Thursday and Friday in the Oak Bay area, and Henderson says it could easily have gotten 100 or more signatures if that many had been needed. The next step is to wait for Municipal Affairs Minister Vaughn Blaney to receive the petition. He will place two advertisements in a local newspaper advising of a date for a meeting to select five representatives for the advisory committee. Henderson says the Oak Bay Memorial Hall has already been reserved for Feb. 29 and he expects there will be plenty of interest in nominating the five representatives.

McGaw Hill looks great

McGaw Ski Hill opened on the weekend and it looks great. Political campaign promises are seldom followed up but this is one that former MLA Leland McGaw can take pride in even if it came to be after his term in office. McGaw tried skiing for the first time on the weekend and has vowed to master the sport. He was not the only one trying it for the first time. There was a big turnout Saturday and even more showed up Sunday. Although some were “dipsydoodling” over the slopes, the majority were just learning. Many looked like they were just pointing their skis down the hill and hoping for the best. Since the hill has a beginners run and four longer runs, ranging from easy to difficult, even first-time skiers can feel safe learning.

60 YEARS AGO – 1958

Calais Briefs Long repair battle

Almost a week after the disastrous sleet and ice storm struck here, power had not been fully restored to several towns in the area. Many home owners in such towns as Vanceboro and Princeton had acquired portable plants to carry them through the emergency and state police, Eastern Pulpwood Company and civil defense generators were being set up to releive the harassed storm victims. Going to Millinocket last Friday we saw many lines still down and workers wallowing in thigh-high snow as they repaired them.

Talk of the Town Horse in a hurry

That old adage “don’t change horses in mid-stream” seems to apply to Alexander (Sandy) O’Brien, who hauls coal to the engine room at Ganong Bros., Ltd. One day last week the blast of the factory’s noon whistle galvanized the horse into bolting from the factory yard and galloping a few hundred yards before halting, perhaps for a breather. Mr. O’Brien had left the animal unattended while he entered the factory to see an official. Last year, when his horse was a different one, it charged out of control the length of Water St. An employee of the Royal Bank halted its foaming flight.

90 YEARS AGO – 1928

Next Sunday morning an impressive service will be held in McColl United Church, the old Methodist, when a memorial window will be dedicated to the late John D. Chipman, all his life a prominent citizen and a prominent Methodist and superintendent of that Sunday school for 25 years. The dedicatory sermon will be preached by Rev. Dr. R.W. Weddall, who was a pastor during Mr. Chipman’s life. Mr. Chipman was mayor of St. Stephen in 1888 and again in 1892, one of the most popular the town ever had. He was a member of the Ioca House 30 years ago and was a candidate for Ottawa in 1888.

MILLTOWN – On either side of the barber shop of P.E. Casey at his new building on Pleasant St., two new or old but renovated barber poles are set out. Do you know that the spiral stripes on a barber’s pole are said to symbolize the winding of ribbon or bandages around the arm of a patient upon whom the barber had operated in the capacity of surgeon? In former times, when the operation of bleeding was extensively practiced, blood letting formed a part of the duties of a barber.

120 YEARS AGO – 1888

In shoveling out long drifts of snow on the road, very few roads ought to be made wide enough for teams to pass. It is a bad place for a young, nervous horse in a six-foot drift. With teams and ice saws, William Clarridge and John Woods have cut the tug H. Wellman and barge J.M. Todd out of the ice but, above Crocker’s island, the river is still covered with ice. A considerable number were skating on it Tuesday.