New antique store in Saint Andrews offers something for everyone

Krisi Marples/Courier Brian, left, and Judy MacDonald are the proprietors of Macklem House Antiques and Collectibles, which opened this past June in Saint Andrews.

Saint Andrews – “It‘s not many people that can fulfill their dream and carry it through, but it was our dream to have an antique shop one day, and here we are.”

Judy MacDonald gestures across the antique store, Macklem House Antiques and Collectibles, she and husband Brian opened this past June in Saint Andrews.

Having relocated from Ottawa, ON, the couple started coming to the area on their way to visit MacDonald’s family in PEI 10 years ago.

“We wanted to have an antique shop when we retired from our business,” said MacDonald. She and Brian owned an emissions testing company in Ottawa, from which they have now retired.

“We’ve been long time collectors of the things you see in the store, and Saint Andrews had this amazing building come for sale, and we thought it would be the perfect spot to have our shop.”

And she’s right. Nestled between the Saint Andrews RCMP detachment and the W.C. O’Neill Arena, the beautiful Maxwell designed building sits on Reed Ave., on the main drag into Saint Andrews.

“We considered some other places in Ontario,” said MacDonald, “but decided to come to Saint Andrews – and this building lends itself to an antique shop.”

Inside, fittingly amongst the original character features and stained glass of the building itself are pieces ranging from detailed perfume bottles (one of MacDonald’s passions) to furniture and antique clocks and watches. It could be argued the building was destined to host this chapter of their lives.

So, how was their first summer in the tourist hot spot?

“We’ve had this place so filled with people, you can’t see from one end of this place to the other,” said Brian, smiling at his wife.

“Yeah, those are fun days,” MacDonald responded. “There’s been amazing local support.”

And the shop truly is a family affair. MacDonald’s brother, Sam Milligan is also part of the operation.

“His (Milligan) passion for years and years has been history – paper materials,” said MacDonald.

“Advertising, brochures, calendars – he’s always lived in the Maritimes, so he’s got a lot of Maritime connection and knowledge,” she said, adding, “Each of us have our own thing.”

And do they have plans to add more to the collection?

“We continue to buy in local collections when we can get our hands on the right stuff,” said Brian. “Our shop right now is full, and we’re pretty diverse. A lot of things from A-Z.”

And walking through that diverse collection at Macklem House, it’s obvious each has been able to indulge the items they have a particular passion for. MacDonald loves the Victorian glass and perfume bottles. For Brian, it’s the clocks and watches.

“There’s something for everyone,” smiled Brian.

Macklem House will be open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends in December, or by appointment. To get in touch, you can check out their Facebook page, Macklem House Antiques & Collectibles, or call 506-850-1726. You can also visit the website: