New doctor opens family practice in St. Stephen


St. Stephen – St. Stephen has a new family physician.

Dr. Athir Ghanim, a Canadian who has been practising most recently in South Africa, began a family medicine practice in early December in the community confirmed Dr. David Marr, medical director, Saint John area, Horizon Health Network.
Marr said Ghanim will see patients in his offices on the third floor of the Charlotte County Hospital.

There were 500 patients from the St. Stephen area without a family doctor who were listed on the patient registry said Marr. Those patients have been assigned to Dr. Ghanim, who will take other patients from the list of those without a physician.

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Marr said the expectation over time is that Ghanim will gradually increase his patient load noting a “typical” family medicine practice involves about 1,500 patients.
Ghanim is making his home in St. Stephen said Marr.

Recruitment of physicians for the region is an ongoing process, said Marr. He said Horizon realizes physicians retire or leave their practices because of health reasons.
Marr said Horizon intends to continue to recruit for Charlotte County.

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Kathy Bockus
Journalist Kathy Bockus is based in St. Stephen and has worked for The Saint Croix Courier as a general news reporter and feature writer for the past 15 years. She began her lengthy newspaper career in 1974 with a daily in Saint John. Bockus says she always jokes being a reporter is a licence to be nosey, but firmly believes that everyone has a story to tell. She can be contacted at 321-0759.