New fire truck for Saint Andrews

The fire hall gang gathers 'round the new fire truck at the Saint Andrews fire department.

Saint Andrews – “It was a long time coming,” said Saint Andrews mayor, Doug Naish.
The discussion surrounding a new fire truck for the Saint Andrews Fire Department had started sometime in 2012/13, said Naish, and took some planning, to factor in the cost, and save the money for the truck.

“We have two trucks that are nearing the end of their productive life,” said Naish, “so we’ve bought a slightly above standard model.
“It will be able to replace two outdated trucks, because it is more productive.”

And the knock-on effect of the new equipment isn’t just the benefit of the truck itself.
“I didn’t know much about fire trucks and such when the process started, but I know a lot more now,” Naish laughs.

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One of the interesting facts Naish learned along the way was the impact of insurance rates, not just for the firehall itself, but for those residents who depend on it.
“When you have new, up-to-date equipment, not only do the fire hall insurance rates benefit, but residents should as well.

“If your fire hall has this type of equipment on hand, your individual policy rate should benefit. I didn’t know that.”
Ultimately, said Naish, it shows that it pays both the town and the community to keep the equipment up to snuff. “It’s a compelling argument for keeping everything up-to-date,” he said.

And the new fire truck will get no better introduction to the community than on Monday, Aug.7, which is this years New Brunswick Day.

“We’re having our main celebration at the fire hall on New Brunswick Day,” said Naish.
“It’s the 200th anniversary of the fire hall in Saint Andrews being given their Royal Charter by King George III, in 1817.

“That’s when we were licensed by the Crown to be a fire hall.”

Although Naish doesn’t have all the details yet, he said there will be an open house at the fire hall, and it will be the focus point of the celebrations on the day.

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