St. George – The Moncton Coliseum was perhaps an imposing place for young volleyball players who participated in the weekend’s Volleyball New Brunswick’s Middle School Championships.

With play on ten spacious courts, in front of large crowds, in a loud and sometimes deafening atmosphere, these young players can be forgiven if nerves came into play. But, what a great experience for these very young and for the most part, inexperienced players!

Fundy Middle School was well represented in this annual tournament, with three teams entered in the girls’ division and a team playing in the boys’ division.

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Grade 6 Girls

While set and match wins were hard to come by for these first year players, they were able to be competitive in sets, in three of their four matches, with Harry Miller, Harvey and PTA of Grand Falls, and with Harold Peterson of Oromocto.

This volleyball experience will serve these players well as they move ahead in the middle school program.

Middle School A team

The Mariners were equal to the task in their preliminary round of play.

Fundy finished first in their division of four teams, with two set wins over Harold Peterson, splitting 1 – 1 with Tobique Valley of Plaster Rock and also 1 – 1 with George Street JV of Fredericton.

This advanced the Mariners in the playoff round against a strong visiting team from the Iles de la Madeleine (talk about a road trip).

The Mariners fell 2 – 0 in spite of pushing their opponent in this match. This group of Grade 7 and 8 players showed marked improvement over the season which showed in their competitiveness in this tournament.

Middle School B Team

The Fundy B team was matched against Max Aitken of Miramichi, Meduxnekeag of Woodstock, and PDI, in preliminary play.

While the Mariners went through the preliminaries without recording a win, their spirits remained high.

This lead to a match victory in their first match of the second round and was a fitting conclusion to their season of play.

Middle Schools Boys

The Fundy boys found the competition equally as tough in their division with the Castors JV, Thomas Albert and the CMS Cougars.

The experienced gained and fun had, will make this event memorable for all these Fundy Middle School volleyball players.

Final Report

This week’s report will be my final report for this school year. A big “thank you” to Rachel Sullivan and Jennifer Heelis for their wonderful cooperation and to all the coaches who took the time and made the effort to communicate their results to me.

I also need to say that without the great cooperation of Kate Scott and The Saint Croix Courier, this reporting of Fundy Middle and High School sports (and Fundy Minor Basketball news), would not have happened.

Thank you,

Hal Mersereau