ONLINE EXCLUSIVE- MLA John Ames says Charlotte-Campobello riding name will change

St. Stephen

The riding of Charlotte-Campobello will have a new name before Christmas.

MLA John Ames said he intends to announce the new name, made after consultations with and approvals from the region’s mayors and councils and several Local Service District boards, in the very near future.

Ames said the current name does not adequately reflect the scope of the riding which takes in communities other than those in Charlotte County and the Rural Community of Campobello Island.

The MLA, who is also the province’s Minister of Tourism, Heritage and Culture, said the riding, District 36, contains portions of York County and the Village of McAdam.

“So instead of just adding them to make a long convoluted name, I tried to find a name that would include the most of the riding geographically and historically, without having a long title,” stated Ames.

Ames said he felt the need for a new riding name was critical.

“One of the most important focuses for me in our region is unification. I believe we can do better together.”


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