Online Exclusive ~ St. Stephen mayor vows to work to continue festival parade


St. Stephen – “The parade must continue.”

That’s the adamant statement from St. Stephen Mayor Allan MacEachern on the news that the 44th International Homecoming Festival parade will be split into two separate parades this year, due to a lack of volunteers to complete necessary cross border paperwork with customs officials.

MacEachern said as soon as he was informed of the decision by the committees organizing the festival, he contacted Calais City Hall.

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“We are negotiating with officials there,” said MacEachern. “No one wants to see this tradition come to an end.”

“Nobody wants this not to happen. The only people who can stop the parade is us, and if we lose the parade, shame on us.”

MacEachern said it all comes down to the residents in both Calais and St. Stephen.

“The people still want the parade, and that’s who it’s for.”