Revitalizing Southwest NB


St. Stephen – Alex Henderson at Vibrant Communities Charlotte County (VCCC) is part of a group on a mission. “The question is how to get everyone invested in community engagement projects.”  said Henderson.  “We have positive momentum happening in the region, but not everyone who might want to be is involved.”

And so how do you engage a whole community?  You bring in an internationally acclaimed speaker, in the form of Jim Diers.  “Amongst many things, Jim will discuss community agency involvement.” explained Henderson.  “If you want to be involved, whether it’s from bringing an idea forward, to talking to a local government agency, to devoting a couple of weekends or being on a board, Jim covers it all.

“The average person cares, but often doesnt know how to contribute.”
The VCCC initiative started in 2011, with a focus on poverty reduction at its core, but through community development and revitalization.  “It’s the rising tide that lifts the boat.” explained Henderson.

Between 2011-2014, VCCC has helped secure $411,362 in ESIC grants for a total of 39 poverty reduction initiatives in Charlotte County. This amount was matched by the community with $1,525,439 in cash or in-kind contributions. In addition to securing grants, VCCC has helped incubate projects from the idea stage to execution. We have also served as an information/networking hub to provide organizations with the most relevant funding information and community contacts.

Diers will be speaking at the Garcelon Civic Centre, on November 21, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.  “There will be great food, great music, and a chance to find out how to be involved, or bring forward ideas.  It’s all about getting people in the local community really invested.”

For more information, or tickets, call Alex Henderson, 321-1884, or go to