The Rolling Dam News with Cindy Ferriere – Quiet by the river


Quiet by the River

Folks out this way sighed with relief to see the water levels dropping, the ice upstream disappearing, and the covered bridge still standing.  For the past couple of months it was unclear what would happen as the ice jam gripped the bridge and threatened to take it out.

Enduring road closures due to flooding and ice flows reminded us all how valuable the historical structure is to ensuring a safe and speedy way to the highway for residents on Pleasant Ridge and Elmsville.  Many people came to take pictures when things were at their worst and to say silent goodbyes to an old landmark.

Special thanks to the team at the government garage who worked hard at clearing the ice from the road, and setting up barriers to hold back the flooding.  Please watch for flooding and road closure signs in the upcoming weeks as we await the freshet and more melting.  There are some people who feel those signs don’t apply to them and we have watched frustrated drivers who purposely drove past “Road Closed” signs only to turn in our driveway when they realized the instructions were meant for them as well.

High water is dangerous but some drivers insist on taking their chances and do so at their own peril.

Happy Birthday to Allen Essency, Calvin Johnson, Glen Richardson and Yvonne Stewart.  These lucky individuals celebrated in March so there was lots of cake to keep us all going.

Dale and I enjoyed lunch out with Ron and Miche Dick and we were pleased to see Marian Barry who was joined by her daughters Carla and Susan.  It has been a long winter and like the bears, we all venture out in the spring for something good to eat.

The Rolling Dam United Baptist church holds services every Sunday at 10a.m. Thanks for all the phone calls to check on how we are doing.  I really appreciate all of you who take the time to read this article.  And how was your week?