Time to drain the swamp

Editor; Many people woke up last Wednesday morning bewildered by the U.S. Presidential election results.  How could a presidential candidate who smashed through every concept of political normalcy actually pull it off?

The traditional playbook that outlines expert opinions from political pundits was rebuffed by Trump, and a completely uncharted course was laid out and followed by his campaign.  How could such a controversial figure do everything wrong by traditional standards and still hold the key to the White House when the results rolled in?  I think the answer is actually quite simple.  People are tired of the status quo, politically correct establishment that is so entrenched in a broken system, and Hillary Clinton was the poster child of such a system.

What is really important to realize is that this movement of rejection of established politics did not begin with Trump, and it certainly will not end there.  We can look to the Arab Spring in 2010, or to countries like Greece & Iceland, or to the controversial election of President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, or more recently to the decision of England to leave the European Union (Brexit) as evidence.  This is a global and growing movement that is redefining the world at large and creating a revolution that is obliterating polished and comfortable politics.

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In reality, we do not have to look to the Middle East, Europe, or our neighbours to the South to see this.  All you have to do is stop by your local coffee shop and listen to the citizens there to find resentment of a broken and corrupted system right here at home.
And who can blame people?  We are tired of paying ridiculously high taxes and getting sub-standard government service in return.   We loathe the ribbon cutting photo-ops of professional politicians handing our tax dollars over to multi-billion dollar corporations. We are infuriated that governments continue to support language segregation in our schools, healthcare system, and other public services.

What further stokes a righteous indignation among our population is when our elected leaders use politically correct arguments to try and convince us these things are good.  The Atcon scandal, the Alward forestry deal, and linguistic duality (to name just a few) are indefensible, and no “expert” advice can argue against what is plain common sense.

Yesterday, Americans asked themselves if the traditional status quo politics has really been working for them, and they used the ballot box to give the answer.  No doubt our own political elite here at home felt the cold chill of such a decision, and are scrambling to stop the inevitable.

As Trump cleverly stated, it’s time to drain the swamp.

Kris Austin
Leader, People’s Alliance Party