Vessel wanted to ferry islanders to the year 2000

Edited from the Saint Croix Courier Week of Wednesday, Nov. 18, 1987

GRAND MANAN – The Grand Manan Tourism Association is determined to sell the island and its unique lifestyle and attractions as a vacation destination, and they need a modern ferry that will not be obsolete by the year 2000 to accomplish that. On Nov. 6, the association submitted a brief to the Grand Manan Transportation Association during public hearings on the new ferry system proposed for the island. The hearing, presided over by Charlotte-Fundy MLA Eric Allaby, was told that members of the tourism association found the current proposal “inadequate.” In their opinion, the plans for the new ferry shown on the island during the week of Nov. 2 – 6, would not service the requirements of either the tourist industry or increasing commercial and residential traffic on the island. They noted the proposed ferry “appears to be a band-aid measure based totally on present traffic volumes using existing wharf facilities and terminals. “It does not in any way address the potential growth of the tourist industry, or growth in any other economic area.”

Star-Kist processing is going as planned

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BAYSIDE – A final decision on the permanent reopening of the Star-Kist Canada Inc. tuna plant is still some weeks away but the commissioning period at the plant is running smoothly. “Things are going pretty much as they were expected to go,” said Gunnar Rollefsen, the new general manager of plant operations. The first tuna to be processed in over two years hit the tables Oct. 29. The arrival of 100 tons of frozen tuna a few days before that, and an additional 500 tons later, marked the start of a six-week commissioning period and test of the plant equipment and procedures under new guidelines and procedures.

New fire station rising

The long-awaited fire station for the local service district of Pennfield is rising out of the blueberry fields next to the Eastern Charlotte Lions Centre. The two-bay garage and offices should be completed by next spring.


Grand Manan – Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kley of North Head are on a tour of Jordan, Israel and Egypt.

Tower Hill – Jeanette Wilson spent the weekend with her grandmother, Mrs. Sandy Wilson.

Pomeroy Ridge – Agnes and Leona McGlinchey attended the birthday party for Wilson Thornton held at his home in Tower Hill.

60 YEARS AGO – 1957

Bottling company is incorporated

International Drug Co., Ltd., of St. Stephen, solely owned by Valentine V. Vanstone for 55 years, has been incorporated as a company under the same name. An announcement to this effect in the provincial Royal Gazette was confirmed Friday by Mr. Vanstone, now 89. Three men have incorporated the firm under the N.B. Companies Act. They are V.V. Vanstone, manager, D. Roy Bartlett, accountant, and Harry V. Vanstone, plant manager, all of St. Stephen.

Seek rink help

Milltown – Edmund Casey is again at work this year getting a section of the bog ready, so that children and adults alike may enjoy ice skating this winter. Mr. Casey deserves a helping hand in this undertaking and would appreciate hearing from anyone interested.

Mail by truck, bus

Calais – There now remains only eight more days of passenger and mail service by train from Bangor to Calais. The last passenger and piece of mail to be transported by rail from Calais will leave here the afternoon of Nov. 23. Details of the truck schedule on when mail will thereafter be carried to the various county post offices have been worked out and post office officials claim the service will be at least as good as that provided by the railroad.

90 YEARS AGO – 1927

Wilfred Boutin, the popular young manager of the Queen Hotel, is enjoying a well earned vacation. He is spending a few days at his home in Cape Breton and later will visit Montreal and other cities. Mrs. G.W. Ganong and Mrs. Jeannette Belyea, accompanied by Mrs. George Baskin, left for Tampa, Florida, where they will spend the winter months.

120 YEARS AGO – 1897

Charles W. Burpee, the new trackmaster of the CPR, was the other day presented with a handsome diamond ring by the men under his charge on the St. Stephen branch.

Canous – There are five vacant lots of spearman land, joining the main road and near the school house. Each of these lots contains one hundred acres of good farming land and can be taken up by any man wishing to locate and make a farm with scarcely any expense for land purchase. Miss Lottie Bleakney of St. Andrews is giving good satisfaction in her school at Beaconsfield. She also conducts a praise meeting every Sunday evening in the school house at seven o’clock.