Volunteer centre looking for kitchen items


St. Stephen – The Volunteer Centre of Charlotte County, Inc. is looking for donations of kitchen items, and they are doing a pots and pans drive in the community. Coordinator Donna Linton said they are finding a lot of clients do not have the proper items to cook with, and that some clients may only have one pot they cook everything in, including their coffee and tea. Linton said their clients would be thrilled to have cookware to use in their homes so they can make healthy meals for themselves and their families.

“We know families where the cookware they have may be old, or it’s a cheaper grade,” said Linton. “It doesn’t hold up. People are working with very thin pots and we’re hoping that if anyone has any nice pots and pans that still have a lot of use in them, that they could pass them on and we could definitely find families that can use them.”

This pots and pans drive came out of an initiative for the Volunteer Centre’s government funding. Linton said they are asked to be innovative in coming up with things that are needed in the community, and this is a big need for many people.

“We believe that probably half of the 300 families we see every month are in need of kitchen items, appliances, utensils, pots, etc.” said Linton. “We’re looking for casserole dishes, roasters of all sizes, mixing bowls, utensils such as spatulas and potato mashers, non-stick frying pans, etc. Cast iron would be great too if anyone has any of those kicking around.”

Linton said none of these items will be for sale at the Volunteer Centre Frugal thrift shop, and that every item donated will be given to food bank clients. In addition to the items already mentioned, Linton said they would also accept electric mixers, crock pots, and any other items used in the kitchen.

Linton also mentioned a new fundraising promotion they are starting. Beginning in October, there will be a 50/50 raffle draw on the last Wednesday of each month. Tickets cost $5, and this will be a monthly draw. You only need to purchase one ticket, and you can keep playing the same number all year long.

If you choose not to play in a given month, your number will be taken out for that month so there will still be a guaranteed winner. People are already buying tickets, so it’s time to get yours now. Tickets can be purchased at the Volunteer Centre, through Facebook Messenger, and through e-transfers.