Courier reporter, Kate Scott, wins award for editorial on gender inequality

Win a prize, get a cake in your honour. Intrepid Courier reporter, Kate Scott , placed second in the Best Local Editorial category in a national community newspapers competition.

St. Stephen – An editorial on the continuing struggle for gender equality has won Courier/Courier Weekend reporter, Kate Scott, second place in the 2017 Canadian Community Newspaper Awards.

The award winners were announced earlier this week. Scott’s editorial entry, her one and only editorial written in 2016, was submitted in the Local Editorial category, for newspapers with a circulation of 3,999 or less, after being published in The Saint Croix Courier on Aug. 23.

“Though I’m deeply honoured by the nod, the praise should fall to the strong women within Charlotte County who continue to shatter gender stereotypes,” said Scott.

“Thank you for leading by example, and motivating and encouraging other women to do their best.

“A great deal of gratitude to my co-worker, Kathy Bockus, who, upon seeing my red-faced fury over comments made by an older man who said (even if jokingly) women “should be home having babies”, simply said ‘sounds like an editorial to me’.”

Scott received congratulations on her CCNA achievement from Advocate Printing publisher, Fred Fiander, for “a job well done, and the national recognition for your efforts.”

“A genuine kudos and thank you from all of Advocate.”

The Courier and Courier Weekend are newspapers in the Nova Scotia-based Advocate Printing and Publishing group of publications.

To read Scott’s winning editorial, see page 4 of today’s Courier Weekend, or check it out on our website!