30 Years Ago with Joanne Mires – Hailstorm hits cars, homes

Edited from the Saint Croix Courier the week of Wednesday, July 2, 1991

Hailstorm hits cars, homes

Calais – Houses, cars and satellite dishes were pelted with hail the size of baseballs Friday night.

The sky was dark and the wind was whipping the trees when suddenly hail fell from the sky. The roads were covered with hail.

Windows were broken, car windshields were cracked and gardens were pummeled by chunks of ice.

Each piece of hail was different. Some were smooth and round, others were rough and irregularly shaped. Many caused damage on their way to the ground during the storm’s half-hour duration.

By Monday, Andy Dumond, the manager of Portland Glass in Calais, had received calls to repair 23 broken car windshields.

A repairman from Portland Glass has been busy since Friday night making repairs to broken home windows. Sliding doors and second floor windows were shattered all over town.

“Like a war zone” – greenhouse owner

St. Stephen – Hailstones as big as baseballs hit the area Friday evening causing property damage to gardens, homes and vehicles.

Peter Heelis of Mayfield Greenhouses says the storm ripped the plastic off a greenhouse and made the garden “look like a miniature war zone.”

Three windows were blown out of Cathy Parker’s home on Hawthorne St. and two windshields were smashed in her two vehicles.

A number of people in the area experienced property damage but no one was seriously hurt.


Little Ridge – A severe storm with thunder, lightning, rain and hail struck the area on Friday evening. The hailstones were as large as oranges and a lot of reports of damage to cars and houses occurred. The church had 17 panes of glass broken and damage to the vinyl siding. It was the most violent storm ever remembered of this type.

Grand Manan – Keith Ingersoll of Fredericton, accompanied by his son Granville of Edmonton, spent a few days in Seal Cove with relatives and for the launching of his new book Wings Over the Sea.

60 YEARS AGO – 1961

Frontier Week 1961 to start at nine tomorrow morning

Ready or not here comes Frontier Week! The official program gets underway at 9 o’clock tomorrow (Friday) morning with square dancing in the streets. From then until late in the evening of July 8, the border area will be the scene of the bigger, most ambitious celebration in its history. Queens, carnivals, contests, chowders, plays, parades and parties are on the entertainment menu designed to delight the holiday appetites of people the length and breadth of the Maritimes and Maine. For those few men who braved the comments of others as the facial fuzz grew longer, the final hour of judging is nearing. As estimated, 10,000 tourists a day are expected to take in the festivities along the border.

Trading post

McKim-Giddens “Trading Post” has drawn its first customers. A group of tourists stopped by the place the other day and wanted a tour through. Claimed they had never seen a trading post before. Now that is Frontier Week decorating indeed!

Calais Briefs

New restaurant

Bror Olsson’s shiny and modern new restaurant, the Angelholm, next to the A. and P., opened Saturday in a manner to bring a broad smile to the countenance of its genial proprietor. We haven’t tried the victuals there yet but just about everybody else in town must have before the weekend was over. Olie is still operating the St. Croix Hotel dining room along with his new establishment.

90 YEARS AGO – 1931

Plans to provide a bus service between St. Stephen and Milltown were made before the Town Council at its session Tuesday night. Mr. G.H.I. Cockburn acting on behalf of a group of St. Stephen men who propose to form a company known as the St. Croix Bus Company, asked for a license for the proposed bus; also that a minimum taxi fare between the two towns be at ten cents.

Tourist travel into Canada at this point as recorded by figures at the International Bridge had totaled 2,735 cars as compared with 2,250 for the previous year.

120 YEARS AGO – 1901

J.P. Wry is utilizing his electric motor for the manufacture of Hamburg steak and Bologna sausage. These goods are seasoned to order, prepared in choice and careful manner, and make very desirable dishes, especially during the hot weather.

St. Andrews – Lady Van Horne, accompanied by Miss Addie Van Horne, arrived by C.P.R. Tuesday.

Sir W.C. Van Horne’s yacht arrived Tuesday from New York.

Joanne Mires has been working for The Saint Croix Courier since the fall of 1982, and began writing her 30 Years Ago column in 1994.