30 Years Ago with Joanne Mires


Edited from the Saint Croix Courier

Week of Wednesday, July 26, 1989

Theme park idea on hold, unless a miracle arrives

St. Stephen – Chocolate Theme Park promoters are still saying there is a chance the park can be developed, although it is a very remote possibility.

“Unless we are able to access a miracle, the reality is that nothing will likely happen unless a new (government) program is formed or they loosen the screws on this one,” said Jeff Barnes this week. Barnes, a founding member of the park committee, was referring to recent restriction the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency put on its funding. ACOA no longer funds ventures over $200,000, and the committee had been hoping for $14.4 million, just over half of the total cost of the project.

If the ACOA money had come through, construction was to have begun this August, with promoters expecting to attract the remaining $14 million in private investment.

Barnes said they would have had to sign a construction contract two weeks ago to have the park done by its target date of 1991. If they did manage to garner the funding now, the earliest the park would be open was 1992.

California Cuties to invade St. Stephen

St. Stephen – They are subtly attired in women’s clothing, traversing the globe in search of the ever elusive laugh. Smiles have been generated both with their level of skill and their penchant for good humour.

Their current road trip has been an on-going endeavor since 1946. Much like their basketball-playing cousins, the Harlem Globetrotters, they seldom end up on the wrong end of the result. Vince Lombardi would’ve loved these guys. The world-renowned California Cuties, who posted a 1988 record of 120 wins – 8 losses, will be coming to the border town this Sunday, July 30.

The four man softball team has some rather strange monikers that they go by. The leader of this softball-vigilante outfit is none other than the notorious Madam Hilda (a.k.a. Trino Palacios), Hefty Helen, Sizzling Sally and of course, the effervescent Leaping Lena.

It should be noted that Madam Hilda is the coach and top clown of the group, which will take the field against a conglomeration of all-stars from the Western Charlotte Fastball League at McGeachy Field.

Spinal meningitis scare may be over

Local health officials are giving some indications that the recent series of spinal meningitis cases are an isolated group. While three cases were diagnosed in the past five weeks, no new ones have been reported for the last week, according to Shirley Clarke, public health nurse in St. Stephen.


Grand Harbour – Mrs. Carrie Randall, Mrs. Jean Brown and Mrs. Blanche Guptill enjoyed a bus tour to Halifax recently where they attended the International Tattoo.

Back Bay – Mrs. Carrie Ring of Connecticut spent a week visiting her sister, Mrs. Dorothy Anderson of L’Etang.

Leonardville – Miss Lisa Tuplin of Toronto is spending the summer with her aunt, Mrs. Brian Calder and Mr. Calder.

60 YEARS AGO – 1959

German mill planned in Milltown – for chipboard

Prospects that a Michigan company specializing in products made of cedar may be induced to locate in this county in the late fall were reported to Executive Committee, Washington County Chamber of Commerce at its meeting Friday night by Arlo T. Bates, co-chairman of Chambers Industrial Committee.

Mr. Bates said the company would employ a sizeable force of workers and at the same time provide a market for a resource not otherwise salable in any quantity.

It would require about 12 acres of land bordering tracks of Maine Central Railroad and a check is now being made by the committee on suitable site that may be available.

A discussion of possibilities of interest in some electronics manufacturers now operating in southern New England under conditions not wholly satisfactory led to suggestion for positive action to get this type of manufacturing established here.

Mr. Bates also told of favorable progress being made to have wood specialty industries take over the former cotton mill at Milltown when the probability this would involve considerable activity on the American side of the border. A british financier has purchased the plant, he said, and would eventually establish chip board, paper and long lumber sections there. A German manufacturer also plans a new plant in Milltown for making chip board, the combined investment of the two companies to approach one and a half million dollars.

Mining shaft is being sunk within Basswood Ridge area

St. Stephen – Nickel Mines Ltd., are sinking a shaft to develop ore underground in Basswood Ridge area, about four miles from St. Stephen.

The first load of timber for the operation arrived yesterday and today with the head frame plus hoisting equipment slated to arrive soon. Work on the sinking of the mine shaft is already underway, according to officials.

H.I. Bergmann, consulting engineer of the company, in an official press conference with The Courier, said directors of the company had authorized sinking of the shaft with the site picked and a headframe purchased, presently being dismantled and should be on the property during the next week.

90 YEARS AGO – 1929

Thomas Toal is having his store in the old Douglas building on Water Street fitted up for Nicholson Bros., who expect to occupy it on or about the middle of August, as a Sportsmen’s good. This is the same building in which this firm did business previous to moving to their present location.

Construction work in the lower end of town is making rapid progress in the fine weather of recent days. At the station the difficulties at first encountered in finding a foundation for the lower section of the building have been overcome, and the walls are now raising. Many who do not understand the nature of the construction of the building have remarked concerning the colour of the brick being used, but when completed the brick work will be entirely covered with stucco in keeping with the general appearance of a bungalow-type station.

120 YEARS AGO – 1899

When sailing into her wharf at Calais on Monday, the schooner Triton did not get her anchor down quickly enough and shoved her bowsprit through the end of the C.C. Whitlock mill, which is located at the extreme end of one of the docks. The old mill was considerably damaged, but the schooner was uninjured.

Wadsworth Harris will leave in a few days for San Diego, Calif., to rejoin the Modjeska theatrical company.