5th annual Whittier memorial tournament raises $24,000 for local charities

Submitted photo The John Scammel Team won the 5th annual Jeff Whittier Memorial Golf Tournament, held on Saturday at the St. George Golf Club. After expenses, the tournament organizers raised $24,000 which will be meted out to local charities, including Charlotte County Cancer. This team has played in the tournament every year since the beginning, and this year they won about $500 in merchandise. From left to right: John Scammell, David McFarlane, Allen Murray, and Ed McFarlane.

St. George – The 5th annual Jeff Whittier Memorial Golf Tournament took place on Saturday, July 4 at the St. George Golf Club, and even COVID-19 social distancing restrictions couldn’t put a damper on the fun. The four-person scramble format saw 139 golfers doing their part to raise funds for local charities, in memory of Jeff Whittier. The tournament is organized each year by Whittier’s wife, Richelle Whittier, and Stephanie Tinker-Kinney.

Tinker-Kinney said even though they were worried about attendance due to COVID-19, this was the biggest year yet for the tournament. Last year, they were able to donate $18,000 to local charities. This year, nearly $24,000 was raised after expenses, and that money will be meted out to several local charities, including Charlotte County Cancer.

“It was a really fun day, and we couldn’t have asked for it to go any better,” said Tinker-Kinney. “We had the biggest year we’ve ever had actually. We actually ended up making $29,043. After expenses, we still have $24,000 to donate this year. We had a great group of volunteers this year too. The weather was awesome.”

Tinker-Kinney said they always make sure the bulk of their donation is given to Charlotte County Cancer. They also like to give to a children’s charity, and since Whittier was an animal lover, they always make sure some of the funds go to animal charities.

“Charlotte County Cancer is getting a big chunk. I believe the St. George Splash Pad will get some. The St.George Animal Shelter and Charlotte County Carma are both getting a little bit. We try to divide it up. Usually we do something for the kids, something for the animals, and Charlotte County Cancer.”

Not only were the golfers able to get out and have a great time for a great cause, they also won some pretty terrific prizes. Tinker-Kinney said a golf club membership, donated by David Stewart’s family, was won by Pat Sharkey. There were many $50 gift cards given out as prizes, and the first place team received approximately $500 worth of merchandise. Unfortunately, no one was able to make the winning shot for a Rav 4 from Saint John Toyota. The winners of the bigger prizes are as follows:


First place: John Scammel Team

Second place: Scott Gregor Team

Third place: Matt Murray Team

Fourth place: Luke Morrow Team


Pin 2: Jeremy Kinney

Pin 6: Allen Murray

Pin 8: Ross Whittier

Pin 13: Dave McFarlane

Pin 15: Larry Parks

The winner of the 50/50 draw was Jim MacDonald. Greg Anderson won the Texas mickey, Scott Swain won 15 pounds of lobster, and Nick Cheney received $815 for the Poker Hand.

“Somebody came within four inches I believe it was,” said Tinker-Kinney. “It was pretty tight. Saint John Toyota has already offered for next year. Glenn Hurley is the one from Saint John Toyota who brings down the car every year, and golfs.”

Tinker-Kinney said there were plenty of good shots this year, and that every pin was good. She added that everyone involved had a great day, and that they have already registered about 22 teams for next year’s tournament.