After one day of being re-opened, ATV trails in New Brunswick are once again closed

New Brunswick – Public Safety Minister Carl Urquhart said Saturday, April 18 he is pleased Quad NB will be keeping ATV trails closed, in compliance with the current mandatory order issued under the Emergency Measures Act. On Friday, the group had announced trails would re-open Saturday, April 18 – a change many ATV enthusiasts took advantage of, hitting the trails for the day.

Urquhart said while the government understands the province is home to “numerous enthusiastic users of off-road vehicles eager to practice their sport”, the announcement by Quad NB on Friday trails would re-open was premature.

The state of emergency mandatory order which is currently in place states (in paragraph eight) every owner and occupier of any building or land on which people may gather must take all reasonable steps to prevent gatherings, and to ensure that people on their premises do not come within two metres of each other.

Urquhart said while the majority of users “are safety-minded and respectful of the rules”, it would be impossible to ensure those on the trails were maintaining social distancing regulations, and not gathering in groups.

He said keeping residents “safe and healthy” was the government’s top priority, and applied to all organizations in the province.

The state of emergency mandatory order is available online.

The Saint Croix Courier