Andrew Sutton to seek Green Party nomination in riding of Saint Croix for upcoming by-election

Andrew Sutton is seeking the Green Party nomination for the upcoming by-election in Saint Croix.

Politics as if people mattered

St. Stephen – Andrew Sutton has announced his intention to seek the nomination of the Green Party of New Brunswick for the upcoming by-election in the riding of Saint Croix.

Born and raised in rural NB, Sutton grew up working on neighbours’ farms, tinkering with machinery and electronics before attending university in southern NB. He spent the next 15 years working in both the media and heavy industry in the western provinces.

Since returning to New Brunswick, Sutton has worked as a journalist throughout Charlotte County, telling stories that highlight the successes of local businesses, and the efforts of community organizations to plan for a more equitable and just future.

His feature pieces have focused on the innovate educational and social programs that have taken root in our communities thanks to the hard work of the people who call this slice of New Brunswick home, and the everyday struggles of those working against a system set up to unequally benefit the most fortunate among us.

“The decade I spent working in the oil fields of Alberta cemented in me an understanding of the connection between the economy and the environment. There is no ecological justice without economic justice,” said Sutton.

“I’ve long believed that there is a distinct connection to our economic health and the health of our societies. How we treat the less fortunate among us, how we structure our social services to lift people out of poverty and support those with mental health illnesses is a better reflection of our values as a community than the accounting of corporate profiteers.

“An economic system that works for rural communities is one that prioritizes vibrant local economies over corporate greed,” he added.

“Ever since I was a child I’ve been told that New Brunswick is a ‘have not’ province, but the reality is that we are a province rich in kindness, innovation, natural resources, and strong local communities. The main thing that we are lacking in are politicians willing to stand up to the industries, which take of the resources and labour of this province, while giving very little in return.

“The status quo of the last decades has not offered the people of Saint Croix the representation and results they need. The major parties concern themselves with the affairs of industry and big business, while paying lip service to rural communities and small businesses.”

As MLA, Sutton will be determined to represent and fight for the people of Saint Croix in way that directly improves the lives of those who live here, while honouring our collective requirement to be good stewards of the land we all share.

Andrew Sutton can be contacted at 506-321-0517

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