Big jackpot for McAdam Fire Department’s Chase the Ace game

Aditya Chinchure photo/Unsplash

MCADAM – Fire chief Michael Little had a big goal for the McAdam Fire Department’s first-ever Chase the Ace game, but the projected $82,000 grand prize on Nov. 18 has exceeded even his expectations.

“We were hoping for $50,000,” said Little.

The game has been going on for 39 weeks, meaning there are 13 cards left.

In this game, half of the proceeds are being split between the McAdam Fire Department and the Heart and Home Corporation, 20 per cent of the proceeds from each week go to a weekly draw winner and 30 per cent go into the grand prize.

The fire department is putting its portion of the proceeds toward a new rescue fire boat. Little said if the game goes a few more weeks, the department should have enough from the game and what it has already raised to cover the $78,000 cost of the boat.

Ken Stannix, board member with Heart and Home, said his group will be putting its portion of the funds to a home for intellectually challenged adults. Like Little, he’s pleasantly surprised by the size of the jackpot.

“We’re quite surprised it has grown the way it has,” said Stannix.

The group has purchased and cleared land for the home. Ten units are planned initially with hopes to expand to 20 if the first 10 prove to be self-sustaining.

The group started working on the project in 2016 and are now continuing the project after a two-year COVID break. They are also in talks with Social Development with the provincial government to ensure what they’re planning will meet the necessary guidelines and are looking for additional funding to keep the project going. They have about $200,000 now, not counting the Chase the Ace proceeds, and Stannix estimates the project will cost approximately $2 million.

Little and Stannix said that by combining forces, they feel that it has created greater interest in the community and helped build the jackpot. The jackpot being as large as it is has also created additional momentum and grown interest in the public to buy tickets.

Tickets can be purchased at the fire department or via e-transfer to