Border crossing between Milltown and Calais could face reduced hours of operation

St. Stephen – Hours of operation will be changing for the American side of the border crossing, between Milltown, N.B., and Calais. Me.  However, no decision has yet been made if Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will follow suit.

Stephanie Malin, public affairs officer, New England, for U.S. Customs and Border Protection,
confirmed Monday afternoon that the Milltown border crossing is one of seven low-volume
ports of entry in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, which underwent a regular operational
review. The result of that review is a decision to reduce the hours of operation.

“This slight reduction of hours, predominantly overnight, will allow CBP to reallocate staff to near-by locations that have a need for additional staffing during busy times, with higher traffic volumes,” said Malin.

“We have worked to reduce any negative impact where possible, and the majority of local stakeholders will benefit greatly from these changes. We are also working closely with our Canadian counterparts in CBSA, and RCMP, to ensure the continued facilitation of legitimate trade and travel, while ensuring the security of our shared border. “

Malin said specific details, such as start dates, and hours of operation, are being finalized, and will be communicated locally as they are confirmed. She stressed no jobs would be lost.

A media relations spokesperson for CBSA said that while the agency is
aware CBP has decided to reduce its hours of operations at some locations,
CBSA has not made a final decision on related hours of operations, and continues
to review options.

“A decision will be made with the best interest of CBSA staff, and the travelling
public, in mind. The CBSA continues to work closely with the USCBP.”
Jean-Pierre Fortin, national president of the Customs and Immigration
Union, stated he could confirm he had been informed by CBSA that CBP is planning
changes to its hours of operation at certain ports of entry, but said CBSA
had emphasized these plans could change at any time.