A bridge in peril ~ Rollingdam News with Cindy Ferriere

Residents from Pleasant Ridge, Elmsville, and parts of Rolling Dam have spent a stressful time dealing with flooding, ice jams, and detours.  The road to the covered bridge was covered in high water and ice, making it impassable.  The ice flow resulting from the warm weather last week led to fears the bridge would be washed away, and many came to take pictures of the scary sight.

The road was finally reopened thanks to the hard work and determination of the road crew and private contractors who were able to move the ice up off the road, and block the water from running back on it.  Whittier Ridge became the main route, and was limited to one lane in some places as washed out culverts and ditches narrowed the road.

There are good and bad things about rural living.  A bad thing is when you are returning from town, taking the detour over Whittier Ridge only to find out a truck has blocked the road and you have to turn around on a narrow section of road on a hill.  I was that person and I met a few others who were all headed to Route One, and then we would have to come back on the Boyd Road because no other access points were available.

The good thing is when you have neighbors like Alice and Calvin Johnson.  I stopped in to use their phone to let Dale know I would be late and would not get home before supper.  By the time I was ready to leave Alice had a large container of hot homemade turkey soup ready for me to take, and Calvin passed me a tin of his delicious fudge to have for dessert.  At times like that I am reminded how the good outweighs the bad in Rolling Dam.

There is still a lot to be concerned about regarding the river and how future rain will impact it, but I know this is a community which pulls together when things get tough.

Proud Grandparents Mark and Marsha Beaumaster wished their five-year-old grand-daughter Tessa a very Happy Birthday on January 7.  Peter MacLeod had cake and candles on January 26, and  I celebrated on January 27.  Another year to be grateful for all things granted to us.

And how was your week?