Bucket-Sit donations top $18,000

ST. STEPHEN – The St. Stephen Fire Department’s annual Bucket-Sit event at the St. Stephen Superstore was held from Thursday, September 9 through Saturday, September 11, and according to Captain Joe Richardson, in terms of donations, it was the best year ever. Volunteer firefighter Brandon MacFarlane spent the three days sitting inside a bucket that was elevated by a man lift donated by Oak Bay Rentals for the event.

Richardson said MacFarlane was able to remain “nice and dry”, even though they did experience rain between Thursday evening and early Friday. The rest of the weekend saw decent weather, and MacFarlane was able to be as comfortable as one could be while spending two days and nights in the air. For his efforts, the St. Stephen Fire Department was able to raise funds that will be used for the planning and development of a new fire station.

“It’s going to be one of our best years, if not the best year so far. So far, we’re over $18,000 right now,” said Richardson.

As usual, part of the fundraising involved selling rungs on “Mert’s Ladder”. While it is no longer Merton Lewis sitting in the bucket, because it was he who started doing this challenge in the first place, it was decided that the ladder would continue to be named after him. Richardson said many of the rungs were placed, although he didn’t have a total count.

“We had some new ones this year. It was good. We got a lot of rungs placed,” said Richardson.

Richardson said he would like to thank all of the people and businesses that came together to make it possible to raise such a large amount of money, including Oak Bay Rentals, the St. Stephen Superstore, and Les Caldwell, for his support of this event throughout the years.

“He was going to be there with us this year but he had some mechanical issues,” said Richardson. “I’d just like to acknowledge businesses and people, where we are still going through COVID and everything, and they still stepped up. They stepped up and made it one of our best years ever. We’re still counting. We’ll see them (donations) trickle in over the next month or so.”