Celebrate St. Stephen 150 with a weekend of fun events

ST. STEPHEN – The Town of St. Stephen turns 150 on Monday, May 17, and there are several fun, family-themed events taking place in the days leading up to the big birthday celebration. Events will include both Zoom and live events, including the Rotary 150 Scavenger Hunt, which will be live on Zoom on Friday, May 14 at 6 p.m.

Town Events Coordinator Michelle Vest said there will be live bands playing on Saturday, May 15, Sunday, May 16, and Monday, May 17 inside the Garcelon Civic Center (GCC), where there will also be plenty of other fun things going on. Celebrate St. Stephen will be happening at the GCC, including a video re-enactment of the 1871 council meeting.

“We do have vendors lined up for the arena surface,” said Vest. “We’ve got some of our service organizations that will be setting up booths to just tell people that they’re here, let them know about them. Both museums will be setting up displays, as well as the library. So, really the whole point is to showcase St. Stephen.”

There will be some fun activities for children, including rock painting and learning how to set up starter plants. These activities will be hosted by the Waterway Commission, and will be held outside in order to observe social distancing requirements. There will also be a display of work by local artists, including many students from St. Stephen Middle School. The artwork submitted for the time capsule contest will also be on display.

“It’s for anyone who wants to display their artwork,” said Vest. “We’re happy to display it for them. They can do what they want. If they just want to display it and want it back, or they want to try and sell it. Anyone who is interested in buying can reach out to the artists directly for that.”

Throughout this three-day celebration, there will be plenty of entertainment from local musicians. On Saturday, enjoy the sounds of Running Out of Time, Bouthill Band, and Hayden Weibe and Band. On Sunday, Full Circle and Jacob Rose will be performing. Quoddy Sound and David Humphries will be performing Monday. Other fun things going on will include a garden contest, the Fashion Show Costume Contest, Kiwanis/Rotary radio bingo, and much more.

Most of the events are completely free, but donations to the food bank will be accepted. Vendors for the indoor market will pay a fee of $10 per day or $25 for all three days, and all of the proceeds will also be donated to the food bank. Please note that all COVID-19 regulations will be followed.

Anyone attending is asked to please wear a mask, and to observe social distancing requirements. No more than 60 people, plus vendors and employees will be allowed inside the GCC at any given time.

Monday, May 17 is the big day, and the time capsule will be buried at the David A. Ganong Chocolate Park on Milltown Blvd. This is also the day that the new mural, a memorial wall to Shirley Downey, will be unveiled, on the side of the St. Croix Public Library. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 regulations, this particular part of the celebration is by invitation only in order to keep the crowd small.

“Hopefully the bateau will be restored on time and we’ll be revealing the bateau again. It’s looking good for being done on time. There’ll be lots of music going on, the vendors, the displays, I’m just excited. We’re just hoping people will come by and have fun,” said Vest.

For more information about what’s happening for Celebrate St. Stephen, visit the Town of St. Stephen and St. Stephen 150 Facebook pages. The St. Stephen 150 committee would also like to let people know that they are looking for more events to add throughout the year. If you have an event that you think would be suitable for Celebrate St. Stephen, please contact Vest at 466-7700, ext. 125.